AEL takes pride in our sustainability and how we impact the market.


Community Awareness and Emergency Response Committee (CAER)

AEL Intelligent Blasting has operated a Community Awareness and Emergency Response Committee (CAER) at its Modderfontein Head Office since 1995.

The CAER Committee meets every second month and is chaired by a member of the community. Its main objective is to provide a forum where the community can interact with the factory in matters of concern and to share information.

The CAER Committee operates under a charter.


AEL Intelligent Blasting is proud to be a South African rooted company and recognises the role it has in Black Economic Empowerment.

This is manifested in the following initiatives and programmes we are operating, including:

Empowered Ownership
In 2004, AEL Intelligent Blasting entered into a BEE partnership with Tiso Group, one of South Africa's leading black-controlled and managed principal investment companies. Tiso owns 25.4% of AEL Intelligent blasting with the remaining 74.9% being owned by AECI. Two Tiso directors sit on the AEL Intelligent Blasting board.

AEL Intelligent Blasting strives to empower black-owned suppliers by increasingly employing their services through procurement. AEL Intelligent Blasting has also undertaken a programme to develop suppliers by helping to improve their capacity to deliver the products that AEL Intelligent Blasting uses in its business operations.

Employment Equity
AEL Intelligent Blasting has a robust middle management development programme which among other objectives is used to equip black middle managers for promotion to senior management. When recruiting externally for areas of the business where black people are under-represented, AEL Intelligent Blasting gives preference to qualified and competent black candidates.


We have made it a priority over the past few years to strengthen our partnership with Tiso and contribute significantly to various CSI initiatives.

Besides our formal AEL Intelligent Blasting CSI Programme, we also offer:

  • Study bursaries for previously disadvantaged learners studying Mining Engineering
  • We assist previously disadvantaged learners from East Rand Communities through Adult Basic Education and Training


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